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Big George's Pool Care


Pool in Henderson after cleaning

Pool Maintenance

Our Proactive Maintenance approach focuses on keeping your family safe, preserving your investment in your pool and equipment, and making the pool look great.

Green pool in Henderson before treatment

Grean to Clean

Nothing ruins the fun like a green pool. At Big George’s, we can fix your green pool fast! With extensive chemistry knowledge, we can not only clean your green pool but keep it from happening again. Call today since once a pool starts to turn green it can get a lot worse very fast!

Timer clock needing repair

Repairs & Upgrades

Whether you need a pump repaired, a leak fixed or a pool upgraded to smartphone control we’re on it.

Easy Sign Up

Mobile Phone

Call or Text 702.596.5312

Friendly Handshake

Meet us at Your Pool

Client enjoying her pool

Enjoy your Pool

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